San Mateo County
Citizen Review Panel
The San Mateo County Citizen Review Panel, established in1994, provides opportunities for members of the community to play an integral role in ensuring that the Child Protective Services System in San Mateo County is protecting children from abuse and neglect and is meeting the permanency needs of children.  The San Mateo County Citizen Review Panel has been operating longer than any other local California Panel.
Objectives of the San Mateo County Citizen Review Panel

  • To assist the San Mateo County Child Welfare System to evaluate the extent to which it is fulfilling its responsibilities in accordance with the state Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) plan.
  • To prepare and make available to the public an annual report containing a summary of the activities of the panel.
  • To review the consistency of Child Welfare Agency practices and their compliance with stated policies.
  • To analyze trends, provide valuable insights that those working within the system might miss, and provide feedback on what is and what isn’t working.
  • To make recommendations for policy changes as needed.
  • To provide outside validation of the achievements of the system and the efforts of agency staff.
  • To increase community understanding, ownership and investment in child protection.
  • To promote cooperation among community resources and child protective services.
  • To advocate for needed resources to achieve the protection of children from abuse and neglect and ensure permanent homes for children in a timely manner.
“The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.”
              Dietrich Bonhoeffer